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Welcome To Pajan Dairy
We bring Middle-East expertise to manufacturing innovative new cheese products in Canada

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing cheese and dairy products in Iran as a family business, Pajan Canada is offering specialty cheese and highest quality dairy products processed with superior high-quality Canadian dairy at different GTA locations.

Dairy products and grains
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Our Timeline

About Pajan Company

Our Story

Pajan started by Reza Hemmat. Reza was a local dairy farmer and was a supplier of milk to a network of local stores. Reza expanded Pajan to supply milk and meat nation-wide.

Dairy Products Manufacturer

Pajan moved to become a dairy products manufacturer and started with milk and cheese products. Pajan was launched with the latest technology at the date.

Working Process at Modern Dairy Plant
Nation-wide Brand

Pajan became a nation-wide brand and got recognition for its high-quality products and won the gold apple prize from the Iranian ministry of industrial development.

Further Expansion
Cheese production from milk, home business, food, eco-friendly and tasty products. Serum in vat. taw
Entering the Canadian Market

Pajan entering the Canadian market with an innovative business model and an exciting line of products. Stay tuned.

Introducing Our Unique Product

A first-of-its-kind soft artisanal cheese with high nutrition values, which sits in between Feta and Gouda in terms of texture and production, offering cow and/or goat milk variants.

Buy Fresh, Directly From Manufacturer

These, and many more, are some reasons for you to become our loyal customers.

Specialty Products

Unique high-quality dairy products from our own manufacturing and retail locations

Safety Standards Compliant

Our unique proprietary cheesemaking process is compliant with Canadian safety standards


All dairy products at Pajan Canada are manufactured from fresh and high quality Canadian milk

Blockchain Traceability

The entire chain of ingredients and processes are recorded for each product at each stage