Middle-east Dairy Expertise Combined With High Quality Canadian Milk
Specialty Cheese & Dairy Products
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Unique Specialty Cheese And Fresh Dairy Products

We use our middle-eastern dairy expertise to manufacture innovative new cheese and dairy products with the highest quality. We use fresh and nutritious Canadian milk together with our proprietary cheesemaking process to manufacture specialty products at our manufacturing/retail locations, from which consumers can purchase fresh dairy products directly from us.

Dairy products
Fresh, Nutritious, Organic
Unique Specialty Cheese

A first-of-its-kind soft artisanal cheese with high nutrition values, which sits in between Feta and Gouda in terms of texture and production, offering cow and/or goat milk variants.

Pajan Product Families

Unique Procedure

Our Cheesemaking Process

Our unique approach allows us to add our additives during the pasteurization process when the milk is still hot. This provides an added layer of sterilization, allows us to reduce manufacturing time, and lowers the time needed to age the cheese. Our additives are our unique formulation, and are safe, plant-based, and all-natural.


Step 1

We get fresh milk from Canadian cattle farms

Pasteurization + Additives

Step 2

A combination of all-natural ingredients are included during the pasteurization process


Step 3

The products are packaged and ready to be purchased by customers

Let's start eating fresh and healthy

Create delicious meals with our dairy products and enjoy them with your friends and family.

Wooden shelves in basement, cellar with round cheese. Home production from milk, private
Blockchain Traceability
Robust Blockchain-powered Traceability System For Our Entire Value-Chain

Our blockchain-based software stores all the ingredients records and the processes they go through, bringing ultimate transparency and traceability into our manufacturing procedures operations.

It will be accessible via API to trusted third parties including provincial governments and retailers, with the standard open to all in our dairy value-chain.

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Specialty Products

Unique high-quality dairy products from our own manufacturing and retail locations

Safety Standards Compliant

Our unique proprietary cheesemaking process is compliant with Canadian safety standards


All dairy products at Pajan Canada are manufactured from fresh and high quality Canadian milk

Blockchain Traceability

The entire chain of ingredients and processes are recorded for each product at each stage