• Persecheese
    Nutritious. Delicious. Fully Organic.
  • First of Its Kind
    Soft Cheese.
  • Blockchain Traceability
    Trusted. Transparent. Safe.

Welcome To Pajan Dairy!

Decades of experience in making the best dairy products, Pajan is a family business and has stayed a family tradition. We offer the highest quality dairy products delivered to you soon in different GTA locations.

Our Cheesemaking Process

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

    Pasteurization + Additives
  • Step 3

Our unique approach allows us to add our additives during the pasteurization process when the milk is still hot. This provides an added layer of sterilization, allows us to reduce manufacturing time, and lowers the time needed to age the cheese. Our additives are our unique formulation, and are safe, plant-based, and all-natural.

Introducing: Persecheese

First of its kind
soft cheese

It sits in between Feta and Gouda, using high quality cow or goat milk. To be manufactured in Canada, with high quality Canadian milk.

About Us

Our Story

Pajan started by Reza Hemmat. Reza was a local dairy farmer and was a supplier of milk to a network of local stores. Reza expanded Pajan to supply milk and meat nation-wide.

Dairy Products Manufacturer

Pajan moved to become a dairy products manufacturer and started with milk and cheese products. Pajan was launched with the latest technology at the date.

Nation-wide Brand

Pajan became a nation-wide brand and got recognition for its high-quality products and won the gold apple prize from the Iranian ministry of industrial development.

Entering the Canadian Market

Pajan entering the Canadian market with an innovative business model and an exciting line of products. Stay tuned.

Blockchain Traceability

The robust blockchain-powered traceability system for our entire value-chain

It will be accessible via API to trusted third parties including provincial governments and retailers, with the standard open to all in our dairy value-chain.



Using Blockchain to Gain Visibility in Agriculture Logistics

Blockchain - the same technology that made the cryptocurrency revolution possible, is now being applied across countless industries to make everyday supply chains more reliable, faster, and affordable.

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Pajan Dairy, Nasimshahr, Baharestan, Tehran, Iran


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Bringing Middle-East expertise to manufacturing innovative new cheese products in Canada.